UNI-T UT333 Mini Temperature Humidity Meters

UT333/UT333BT temperature humidity meters can measure, process data, and display results on LCD. UT333BT can transfer measurement data through bluetooth to UNI-T’s custom mobile APP (iENV) for further analysis, storage,and export. iENV can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple Store or UNI-T’s website by searching ‘iENV’.

Specifications UT333 UT333BT
Temperature  -10℃~60℃  -10℃~60℃
14℉~140℉ 14℉~140℉
Temperature accuracy ±1.0℃/±2.0℉ ±1.0℃/±2.0℉
Temperature resolution 0.1℃/0.2℉ 0.1℃/0.2℉
Humidity 0%RH~100%RH 0%RH~100%RH
Humidity accuracy ±5%RH ±5%RH
Humidity resolution 0.1%RH 0.1%RH
Sampling rate 1/s 1/s
Overload indication OL OL
Data hold
℃/℉ selection
LCD backlight
Auto power off 5 min 5 min
Low battery indication 3V~3.5V 3V~3.5V
General Characterisitics
Power 1.5V battery (R03) x 3
Display 32mm x 26mm
Product color Red and grey
Product net weight 102g
Product size 155mm x 50mm x 28mm