Infrared Thermometer


1. Measuring Emissivity of Material by Direct Measurement
Use a contact thermometer to measure the real temperature of the material, then use an infrared thermometer to measure, adjust the emissivity of the meter until the measured temperature is equal to the real temperature, the emissivity at this moment is the emissivity of the material.
2. Materials with much lower emissivity cannot be measured by direct measurement
Stick black tape on the surface of the material, or spray the black paint to the surface of the material,(the emissivity of the black tape and black paintε≈0.95) when the temperature of the black tape and black paint is equal to the temperature of the material, use the infrared thermometer (preset emissivity is 0.95, 0.1~1.00 adjustable) to measure the temperature of the cover on the material, adjust the emissivity value of the instrument, until the measured temperature equals to the real temperature, at this moment the emissivity is the emissivity of this material.
Please follow the safe operation guidance and ensure to use the meter in safe.