Analog Display Digital Multimeter



Automatic measuring range.
Full measuring range overload protection.
Maximum voltage allowed at the measuring end. : 600V DC or 600AC(RMS).
Work height: maximum 2000m
Display : LCD.
Maximum display value: 5999 digits.
Polarity indication : Self-indicating, ‘-’ means Negative polarity. Over-range display : ‘OL’or ‘-OL’ .
Sampling time : The meter figures show about 0.4 secondsUnit display : Function and battery unit display.
Automatic Power off time: 3 minutes
Operational power : CR2032 x 2 battery.
Battery low voltage indication: LCD display symbol
Temperature coefficient : Less than 0.1 x Accuracy / °C
Operational temperature and humidity : 0~40 °C / 32~104°F, 45%-80% RH
Storage temperature and humidity : -10~60 °C/-4-140F,45%-80%
RHBoundary dimension : 136×67×12mm
weight: ~110g